Gandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl Apothecarium

For all your Apothecari needs. They make great gifts as well, especially when sent anonymously, like our line of Bat products such as the Bats Under Wing Freshner and the Guano Retarder.

  1. Bats Under Wing Freshner $19.19

  2. Bats Guano Retarder $16.32

  3. Finger Lickin Goodies $33.33

  4. Gecko Glue $26.78

  5. Guantanamanero $57.75

  6. Habis Corpulus $11.11

  7. Mononucleostatis $21.12

  8. Xtlxltx $9.99

  9. Zebra Stripes $23.45

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