Warnings, Disclaimer, No Guarantees, Use At Your Own Risk

This is Apothecariology, more art, than science.

Warnings and Dangers

Never, ever let minors near this stuff. Things could happen. They could explode, turn into something worse, or who knows what.

Do Not Ingest Any Of These Items, Rub Them In Your Eyes, Or Do Any Other Such Foolish Thing

Use At Your Own Risk

Don't buy this stuff unless you assume all risks. Be careful. Caution. Red flag. Danger!


Nothing is what it seems. Use your own discretion. Trust nothing or no one. Think for yourself. Nothing on this website may be what it says or means to say.

Please note that the names of products do not reflect the ingredients, which are sure to be totally unrelated. In fact, the listed names of ingredients here are not really the ingredients. The real ingredients are a secret. Also, any claims as to efficacy, are simply for display purposes. Nothing works as advertised, but what does?

No Guarantees

There are no guarantees in life and definitely none on this website. Do not expect anything to be what it says or work like it says or anything else. Have no expectations. Use everything with caution, including everything on this website. Trust no one.

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