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Who Is Gandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl?

Not be confused with any other Gandalfs. I am an honest businessman trying to do an honest days work for an honest days pay.

My father Jandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl, and his brothers, my uncles Dandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl, Kandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl, Larsandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl, Pietorandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl, Sandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl, Svandalf Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvl and their sisters, my aunts Gedaldandalfa Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvla, Gheddandalfa Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvla, Heddandalfa Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvla and Swedlandalfa Ar Goernstrngfrstndrvla all followed in the family bootsteps of my grandfather's second wife's secret lover's business of apothecariology, which is the business of making stuff up, putting stuff in bottles and selling stuff to people to make them feel good. To this end, the family has an exceptional talent and is the best in the business.

Gandalf The Imposter

This website has no affiliation with that imposter from J.R.R. Tolkien.

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